Patrick Grady's Recent TV and Radio Appearances

  • On CFRA Radio with host Steven Madely on the parents and grandparents immigration program on February 23, 2012. Interview.

  • Testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration on “Immigration Application Backlogs in Light of the Action Plan for Faster Immigration”. Youtube Video

  • On CTV Power Play with Don Martin discussing Fraser Institute Report on Canada's Welfare State and Immigration on May 17, 2011 Video of interview.

  • On Business News Network Discussing Cost of Immigration on May 17, 2011. Video of interview.

  • On CFRA Radio with host Rob Snow on the Costs of Immigration on May 17, 2011. Interview.

  • Presentation at Fraser Institute Canadian Immigration Policy Conference, June 4-5, 2008 on CPAC Podium. L'exposé en francais
  • On Michael Green show on ROBTV discussing Conservative Party election platforms with Michael Marzolini, chairman and CEO, Pollara Inc. Roundtable is listed down page under January 9, 2006.

  • On Mike Duffy Live discussing the November 15, 2005 Economic and Fiscal Update Video of interview is listed as the 9th item at the right side of the page under videos.