The Chilling Story of an al-Qaeda Agent Who Comes to Canada

Years before Canada is put on al-Qaeda’s list of top-five targets, Osama bin Laden dispatches a young Egyptian mujahideen named Khalil Omar Mohammed to Canada. A refugee claimant, Khalil works as a pizza delivery man while waiting for his orders to strike. Meanwhile, RCMP Sargeant Mike Murphy and CSIS agent Malcolm Stewart struggle to uncover the al-Qaeda sleeper cell long suspected to exist in Ottawa and feared to be plotting a Madrid-style bombing. As the evidence mounts that such a plot is already underway, these two members of the “A” Integrated National Security Enforcement Team fight valiantly to overcome the red tape and restrictions imposed upon them by a Government paralyzed by the fallout of the Maher Arar Affair and its own political correctness.

Royal Canadian Jihad gives Sargeant Mike Murphy's perspective on the operations of Canadian law enforcement and intelligence in countering terrorism. It also provides an inside look, through the eyes of Khalil Mohammed, at al-Qaeda, from its training camps in Afghanistan to the day-to-day workings of its cell in Ottawa. Khalil's strong religious beliefs dominate his life and motivate his actions, illuminating al-Qaeda's deep roots in Islamic fundamentalism.

Cover of Royal Canadian Jihad

This book is a wake-up call for Canadians who count on their Government to keep Canada safe from terrorist attacks.

Living in Ottawa,Canada, but born in New York City, Patrick Grady watched the September 11 terrorists attacks on the United States unfold live on television with a growing sense of horror and nausea. He felt that something truly evil had happened and that the world had suddenly become a much more dangerous place. This view become more visceral during his pilgrimage to Ground Zero in December 2001 when he looked down into the enormous, still-smouldering pit and felt the acrid smoke burning his nostrils. This is the novel he was compelled to write to share what he learned from his research on the forces of Islamic terrorism that produced the tragedy of September 11.

 From the novel: 

When Khalil’s turn came, he took the piece of paper [from Abu Zubaydah] containing the words of the bayat and recited, “In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate. I promise to ally myself to Osama bin Laden for the sake of Allah.”

“The Sheikh is also very impressed by your education at the American University in Cairo and your knowledge of English,” [said Abu Zubaydah.] “He thinks that you are ideally suited for the jihad in the Western world, which is where many of our future battles will be fought. He wants you to go to Canada.”

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Royal Canadian Jihad
(ISBN 0-9686210-1-5)
Size: 6 x 9; soft cover
Published by by Global Economics Ltd.

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