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Copyright ©1999 by Patrick Grady and Kathleen Macmillan

Cover of Seattle and Beyond

  • Chapter 1"The Stakes in Seattle"
  • Chapter 2 "Opening Markets More"
  • Chapter 3 "Finally Time for Agriculture"
  • Chapter 4 "Second Crack at Services"
  • Chapter 5 "Taming Procurement"
  • Chapter 6 "The E-Commerce Juggernaut"
  • Chapter 7 "Disciplining Subsidies and Antidumping"
  • Chapter 8 "The Return of the MAI"
  • Chapter 9 "Protecting Intellectual Property"
  • Chapter 10 "Defending Culture"
  • Chapter 11 "Greening the Rules"
  • Chapter 12 "Integrating Labour Standards"
  • Chapter 13 "Settling Disputes"
  • Chapter 14 "Joining the Club"
  • Chapter 15 "Looking Ahead"

    What People have said about Seattle and Beyond

    "This is a very useful summary and analysis of the major issues before the World Trade Organization and deserves to be widely read." Michael Moore, Director General WTO in a letter to the authors dated November 11, 1999.

    “A useful guide to the can be found in Seattle and Beyond: The WTO Millennium Round by Patrick Grady and Kathleen Macmillan of Ottawa-based Global Economics Ltd.” David Crane, Toronto Star, November 17, 1999.

    “Canada will therefore continue to fight a long rearguard action against what it purports to favour: liberalized trade in agricultural products. It’s a losing game, but one Canada continues to play. Patrick Grady and Kathleen Macmillan, two respected trade experts, correctly explained why the game is being played in a monograph published on the eve of the Seattle meeting.” Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail, December 1, 1999.

    "This book is a worthwhile read. It does an excellent job of bringing the reader up to speed with the current state of freeness of world trade. What's more, it is written in a non-technical way, making it accessible to both economists and non-economists. Lastly, it brings some balance to a debate that has been dominated by the media hogging anti-trade protestors who arguably know very little about economics." Bob Duggan, Canadian Business Economics, February 2000, p.62.

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