Patrick Grady
"From Far and Wide, Oh Canada, Terrorist Killers Come to Thee: A Review of
Cold Terror: How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism Around the World,
by Stewart Bell"

The Globe and Mail Book Review, April 10, 2004.

Canadians will be madder than hell after they read Stewart Bell's shocking account of how the Canadian Government has allowed Sihk, Tamil and Islamic terrorists to come into our home and turn it into a safe house for international terror.

Bell, who writes for the National Post and is Canada's leading reporter on national security and terrorism, has taken on the courageous task of warning Canadians about the terrorists living amongst us. This has stirred up a real hornets' nest. He has been threatened by many who don't like his message and has been branded as anti-Islamic by the Canadian Islamic Congress. Such is the fate of those who say what others are afraid to say.

Bell's litany of terrorist incidents around the world involving Canadian terrorists is long enough to qualify Canada for membership in the Axis of Evil. The most infamous are: the 1985 Air India bombing; the 1991 assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi; the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing in New York; the 1993 assassination of Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa; the 1995 blast at the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad; the murder of 58 tourists in Egypt in 1997; the 1997 truck explosion in Sri Lanka that killed 100; the bloody Bali night club bombings in 2002; and the 2003 attack on the housing compound in Riyadh.

Bell provides many examples of terrorists who took advantage of liberal immigration and refugee policies to enter Canada. A few of the most notorious bogus refugees include: Manickavasagam Suresh, the Canadian leader of the Tamil Tigers; Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Mohammed who took part in the deadly assault on an El Al passenger plane in Athens in 1968; Essam Marzouk, who trained the bombers of the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998; and Ahmed Ressam, the wannabe Millennium LA airport bomber, who was caught at the Port Angeles border trying to sneak into the U.S. with a carload of explosives.

Not all the Canadian terrorists profiled by Bell are phony refugees, some are landed immigrants or worse citizens. He devotes a whole chapter to the saga of the Khadr family. Ahmed Khadr, the father of this viperous clan, long exploited his Canadian citizenship and CIDA funding to support al-Qaeda's global jihad, only returning to Canada for free health care and to raise money in the mosques. His links to bin Laden were so close that he was sought by the U.S. Government in connection with the 9/11 investigations. Unfortunately because of the time lag in book publishing, Bell wasn't able to bring us up to date on all the recent treasonous activities of the Khadrs. For this, the reader should tune in for Terrence McKenna's shocking documentary on the family the next time it's rerun on CBC Newsworld.

St. Catherine's al-Qaeda brothers, Mohammed and Abdulrahman Jabarah are also profiled. Mohammed was involved in a planned Singapore embassy plot that was broken up. He was caught in Oman and turned over to CSIS. At his request, and over the vociferous objection of Canadian Muslim and civil liberties groups, he was subsequently turned over to the Americans where he is singing like a canary on his fellow terrorists including those involved in the Bali bombing. His brother Abdulrahman was killed by Saudi security authorities following the attack on the western housing complex in Riyadh. It's hard to believe that these two nice young men were brought up in Canada and educated at Holy Cross Secondary School in St. Catherines.

According to Bell's diagnosis of the problem, "CSIS and the RCMP have been effective at monitoring the activities of terrorist groups operating in Canada, but they have been unable to put them out of business, in large part because their political masters have not given them the tools they need to do so." In contrast, other recent books such as Andrew Mitrovica's Covert Entry suggests that all may not be well at CSIS.

Bell names the prominent politicians who he feels have contributed to the terrorist problem. He contends that former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien never really recognized the seriousness of the terrorist threat. The best evidence of Prime Minister Chrétien naivety was the way he was so easily manipulated into putting in a good word with Pakistan Prime Minister Bhutto to get Ahmed Khadr released from prison in Pakistan.

While the Sikh and Tamil homeland wars are troubling enough, Bell worries most about al-Qaeda-style radical Islam because it preaches and practices "violence without limits" and "serves not only a strategic purpose, but fulfills the will of God." To Islamic terrorists, chemical, nuclear and biological weapons are "the bigger, the better." He observes that "their hatred arises from centuries-old grievances and their aim is long term: a world under the rule of Islam, the one true faith." Scary!

The tragic events of 3/11 in Madrid where over 200 people were massacred by Islamic terrorists could be repeated here. In a chilling audiotaped warning following the Bali bombing in November 2002, a man purporting to be Osama bin Laden explicitly threatened Canada for supporting the United States in Afghanistan.

Stewart Bell's clarion call for action needs to be heeded before the ticking Canadian terrorist time bomb blows up closer to home. If Canadian terrorists aren't stopped before they use weapons of mass destruction in the U.S., we'll have far bigger problems than keeping the border open for trade.

Note: Patrick Grady has written a novel entitled Royal Canadian Jihad, which is about Islamist terrorists in Canada.

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