• "Canada Needs Immigrants, Just Not So Many" New!

  • "Why Matthew Lau is Wrong About Immigration" New!

  • "Recently Available 2016 Census Data Still Shows the Troubling Persistence of a Large Average Income Gap for Recent Immigrants" New!

  • With Herbert Grubel, "Setting the record straight on the benefits, and heavy costs, of immigration to Canada" New!

  • With Herbert Grubel, "Fact Checking the CBC’s "Fact Checker" on the Fiscal Cost of Immigration" New!

  • "The Foremost Immigration Economist George Borjas Debunks the Immigration Narrative" New!

  • "How are the Children of Visible Minority Immigrants Doing? An Update Based on the National Household Survey: An Abstract"

  • "Immigration and the Welfare State Revisited: Fiscal Transfers to Immigrants in Canada in 2014"

  • "An Assessment of the Impact of Conservative Immigration Reform on the Labour Market Performance of Immigrants"

  • "Muslim Immigration Fuels the Terrorist Threat to Canada"

  • "Clément Gignac is Wrong on Immigration"

  • "Conservative Immigration Policy Reform Has Not Yet Produced Any Significant Improvement in the Aggregate Labour Market Performance of Recent Immigrants"

  • "Is the Manitoba PNP Really Worth Crowing Over?"

  • "Fareed Zakaria’s CNN Special on Immigration Gets It Wrong on Canadian Immigration"

  • "A Review of Toward Improving Canada’s Skilled Immigration Policy: An Evaluation Approach by Charles M. Beach, Alan G. Green and Christopher Worswick"

  • "Speaking Notes for Standing Committee on Finance Hearings on Immigration Measures in Bill C-38 - Part IV, May 31, 2012 "

  • "A Review of Le Remède Imaginaire: Pourquoi l'immigration ne sauvera le Québec by Benoît Dubreuil and Guillaume Marois"

  • "Immigration Minister Jason Kenney on the Right Track, but Has Long Way to Go"

  • "Two Cheers for Immigration Minister Kenney’s Elimination of the FSW Backlog"

  • "Praise for Immigration Minister Kenney is Premature"

  • "Fiscal Transfers to Immigrants in Canada: Responding to Critics and a Revised Estimate"

  • "Canadian Taxpayers Shouldn’t Have to Pay for the Care of Immigrants’ Parents"

  • "Speaking Notes on “Immigration Application Backlogs in Light of the Action Plan for Faster Immigration” prepared for testimony before the House Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

  • "Immigration Is Too High and Not Based on Canada’s Economic Interests: A Submission to the Stakeholder and Public Consultations on Immigration Levels and Mix," a position paper that I drafted for the Centre for Immigration Policy Reform as its submission to the CIC consultation on immigration levels.

    "A Mawkish View of Immigration Overlooks the Facts"

    "The Canada West Foundation Misinterprets Immigration Data"

    "Immigration and the Canadian Welfare State 2011," A Fraser Institute Study done with Herbert Grubel. Cited in Wikipedia article on the Economic Impact of Immigration to Canada.

    "A Critique of the Dungan/Fang/Gunderson Study on the Macroeconomic Impacts of Canadian Immigration Using the Focus Model"

    "How are the Children of Visible Minority Immigrants Doing in the Canadian Labour Market?"

    "Immigration and the Growing Canada-U.S. Productivity Gap"

    "The Inconvenient Facts the Government Hides About Immigration"

    "Recent Immigrants from Lower-income Countries Are Doing Much Worse"

    "Recent Immigrants Have Experienced Larger Increases in Unemployment Due to the Recession"

    "Are Recent Immigrants Paying their Share of Income Taxes?"

    "The Refugee Reform Proposals Won't Solve the Problem"

    "How to Fix Canada’s Broken Immigration System"

    "The Immigrant Work Force: How Much is Too Much?" by Ian Sutton in "Diversity in the Workplace" (based on an interview with Patrick Grady).

    "The impact of immigration on Canada’s labour market"

    "Lowering EI Eligibility Requirements to 360 Hours Would Boost Structural Unemployment (Largely Among Immigrants)"

    The Immigration Target and Unemployment

  • "Is Canadian Immigration too high?" published in Herb Grubel (ed.) The Effects of Mass Immigration.

    "Canadian Immigration: a Labour Market and Productivity Perspective," Power Point and Video Presentation to the Fraser Institute Canadian Immigration Policy Conference, June 4-5, 2008. Le vidéo en francais

    "Dimensions économiques et politiques de l’immigration," Présentation à l’ASDEQ-Outaouais le 7 décembre 2006

    "Notes for Panel Discussion on Future Policy Directions at HRSDC-IC-SSHRC Workshop on International Mobility of Highly Skilled Workers, Ottawa, June 9, 2006"

    "Notes for remarks made at the C.D. Howe Session on Immigration Policy at the Canadian Economic Association Annual Meetings, Montreal, May 26, 2006"

    "The Poor Performance of Recent Immigrants: Quebec versus Ontario"

    "The Poor Labour Market Performance of Recent Cohorts of Immigrants Has Lowered Productivity Growth"

    "The Economic Impact of Immigration on Canada"

    "What the Immigration Minister Should Have Known"

    Research Papers

    "An Analysis of the Poor Performance of Recent Immigrants and Some Observations on Immigration Policy," a paper presented at the Canadian Economic Association Annual Meetings, University of Ottawa, June 3-5,2011.

    "How are the Children of Visible Minority Immigrants Doing in the Canadian Labour Market?"

    "Immigration and the Growing Canada-U.S. Productivity Gap"

    "Some Observations on Net Fiscal Transfers to Recent Immigrants Resulting From Income Taxes and Government Transfer Programs"

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